Annual wellness visits are exams that focus on preventing disease and disability. It’s one of the covered benefits for people with Medicare Part B medical insurance. The team of health experts at Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic provides annual wellness visits. To find out more about this preventive exam, call the office in Cullman, Alabama, or schedule an appointment online today.

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What are annual wellness visits?

Annual wellness visits are health exams that focus on preventing disease and disability in patients with Medicare health insurance, or Medicare Part B. Medicare is the health insurance program for people 65 and older or those younger than 65 with a disability or kidney failure.

Medicare Part B helps pay for health provider visits, outpatient care, and some preventive services. Anyone on Medicare Part B for more than 12 months is eligible for an annual wellness visit.

The annual wellness visit aims to update your disease and disability prevention plan.

Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic is an adult primary care practice that performs annual wellness visits.

What happens during an annual wellness visit?

Before your annual wellness visit, the team at Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic asks you to complete a health risk assessment. This assessment helps you and your provider create a prevention plan that helps you stay healthy.

Your provider may also:

  • Review your medical and family history
  • Ask about your current health providers
  • Review your current medications
  • Measure your height, weight, and blood pressure
  • Perform a cognitive assessment

They then offer personalized health advice and review the factors that put your health at risk and what you can do about it.

Your provider also reviews your health screening schedule, vaccination schedule, and any other preventive health services you may need to stay well.

Are annual wellness visits the same as annual physicals?

Annual wellness visits for people on Medicare aren’t the same as annual physicals. The annual wellness visit focuses on prevention and education, while the annual physical is a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health and well-being.

Your annual physical aims to assess your current health status and risk of future health problems. Though the annual physical sounds similar to the annual wellness visit, the physical is more in-depth and includes bloodwork and health screenings.

At your annual wellness visit, the team focuses on creating and updating your prevention plan or discussing the steps you need to take now to stay healthy.

To find out more about annual wellness visits at Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic, call the office or book an appointment online today.