Whether or not you have any ongoing health concerns, a physical can tell you a lot about your current state of health. At Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic in Cullman, Alabama, the providers can perform an essential yearly examination to detect early signs and risk factors for diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. To book your next physical, call or schedule an appointment online.

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What is a physical?

A physical exam is a basic routine visit to your primary care provider. Once a year, your provider goes over your medical history and reviews the current medications you take. You can bring up various health concerns from the past year and get immunization updates if needed.

Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic offers physicals to patients of all ages. If you smoke or have risk factors for certain diseases, your provider might suggest getting more than one physical per year. If you’re young and healthy, you may be able to get a physical once every two or three years instead of annually.

Why should I get a physical?

Physicals are a vital part of preventive care and allow you to get the treatment you need for diseases in their earliest stages.

This is because your provider can detect early signs of illnesses during a physical exam. They can order tests or screenings, even if the illness doesn’t yet cause symptoms. Early treatment almost always results in a better overall outcome.

You also get to build a relationship with your primary care provider over the years as you attend visits. As they get to know you, they can make more personalized treatment recommendations. This can also lead to a better treatment outcome when you’re sick.

What should I expect during my physical?

A standard physical at Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic includes several sections. There are also tests and services that you don’t need at every physical appointment. Here’s what might happen at your next physical:

Health history

The first part of any physical is a brief review of your medical history. Be sure to mention any relevant updates, like recent visits to the emergency room or new and unusual symptoms you’ve experienced.

Vital signs

Your vital signs are your blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and respiratory rate. Your provider measures and records them to ensure they’re all within normal ranges.

Visual and physical exam

Your provider examines you for anything that looks out of the ordinary. They closely check your ears, eyes, nose, and throat. Then, they perform targeted examinations for your heart, lungs, abdomen, and extremities.

Lab tests and screenings

You might need lab tests like urinalysis or bloodwork at your physical exam appointment, depending on your medical history and relevant risk factors.

Screening tests are preventive tests to check for specific diseases, like cancer, when you have no symptoms but might be at risk.

A physical is an opportunity to learn about your health and improve your lifestyle with wellness-oriented changes. To schedule a physical at Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic, make an appointment by phone or online.